Foundation of the E-Kart international e.V.

Electric kart tracks bundle their know-how

Founded in the beginning of 2020, the association E-Kart international e.V. evolved from an initially loose exchange of experiences between some electric kart track operators in Germany, who quickly came to the conclusion that bundling their interests is beneficial for everyone. Because these electric kart tracks are strongly oriented on leisure sport and therefore appeal to a broad target group, the operators attach importance to the appropriate design of their tracks. “It’s important to our members that the electric kart tracks represented in the association provide appealing equipment beyond the actual racetrack and additional offers, such as catering, event areas etc.” explains Marcel Mussotter, the president of the E-Kart international e.V. and CEO of the Ecodrom in Neu-Ulm.

Michael Schrey, one of the two vice presidents of the association and head of leisure of the Nettedrom in Osnabrück adds: “Nevertheless, we want to give our guests with an affinity for racing incentives to visit, e.g. through our national racing series or long distance races. For regular guests there’s not only a special thrill but also the ambition to improve constantly.” This is also one of the concerns of the ADAC, that made an addition to its outdoor burners kart track with the Arena E in Mülsen last summer. “Of course, the youth development in motor racing is really important to us!” emphasises Michael Sachse as responsible speaker of the Arena E and vice president of the E-Kart international e.V. He adds: “At the same time, we want to give our guests the more relaxed leisure kart experience and introduce, for example children, gently to the pleasure of driving.”

In addition to the actual operation of the electric kart tracks and a bundling of the interests towards manufacturers and suppliers, the synergies through joint marketing tools and the further development of the electric kart tracks rank among the declared goals of the association: “We offer our members an exciting mix for internal solutions and more innovation, specific know-how and individual solutions for our companies and sponsors” say the members of the board.

Using synergies, bundling competences and successfully developing the electric kart tracks together – these are the most important aspects of the already successfully tested cooperation of the existing member companies. E-Kart international e.V. brings the top know-how from many years of experience in the electric kart industry together to a competent network. The common goal for the following months: international growth and professionalisation. 

President Marcel Mussotter explains: “Our common goal is to not only give noticeable impulses for the support of attractive electric kart tracks with innovative and creative ideas, but also to strengthen them in their further development and innovation power. Especially in the sector of leisure properties, the perspective view to the future plays an increasing role – here, the market will benefit from the bundling of competences of the strong member companies.”

E-Kart international e.V.: the board introduces itself

Marcel Mussotter, President
Michael Schrey, Vice President
Michael Sachse, Vice President

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